Invincible Software Solutions Integrated

The Invincibles

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make a qualitative difference to the lives of millions of people and organizations by harnessing the power of India and of the Internet. We will do this by empowering them with the potential of the software and by leveraging the capabilities of Indian Knowledge Resources.

Since its founding ISSI has cultivated a corporate philosophy that has been unwavering in its consistency of purpose. We strive to undertake only those engagements that we can execute while conforming to our commitment to excellence. Consequently, we, as a company, have made the hiring and retaining proven technical and management professionals a top priority. The caliber of our professionals makes us what we are a technologically advanced company capable of tackling the most challenging Information Technology projects with uncompromising standards of performance and responsiveness.

Helping fill the niche of our business partners throughout the world, ISSI provides experienced and knowledgeable consultants. By systematically analyzing each consultant we are able to provide our clients the comfort that the project will be completed in a professional and cost-effective manner. Our consultants are up to date on all technologies and ready for the challenge. Whether permanent or contract, ISSI promises top flight consultants to help lead the charge.

Our Vision

  • Building on India's unique advantages. 
  • Being the leader in terms of market share, quality, revenue, growth and gross margins.
  • Adding value to our stakeholders: namely investors, customers, peers and associates.
  • Being enablers and catalysts of the software & Internet  for positive change.