Invincible Software Solutions Integrated

The Invincibles

The Values with which every ISSI associate will conduct himself or herself in contributing to ISSI's business objectives is enshrined in "The Invincibles"

I will put customers' needs first:

  • By providing quality solutions of value to them.
  • By going the extra mile to solve problems.
  • By anticipating their needs.

I will be accountable:

  • By committing what I can do
  • By meeting my commitments
  • By taking personal ownership of commitments
  • By honouring commitments of team members as if they were my own

I will treat others with dignity :

  • By being transparent and honest
  • By respecting each others time
  • By being fair to others

I will be action oriented:

  • By carrying out tasks with enthusiasm
  • By working energetically to enthuse others
  • By displaying infectious optimism to achieve my goals
  • By pursuing excellence in what I do
  • By continuously striving to raise my standard of performance everyday

I will have the courage to confront issues: 

  • By voluntarily bringing up issues not in conformity with ISSI's values
  • By being open minded, sharing my views and ideas constructively

I will always remember that I am part of the invincibles team:

  • By celebrating each others' successes
  • By being courteous to my team members
  • By being caring and concerned for my team members

I will protect ISSI's interest always:  

  • By ensuring that departmental interests do not conflict with the overall interests
  • By being open to opportunities for ISSI beyond my responsibility 
  • By ensuring that ISSI gets the best of deals, prices, customers and sales
  • By being realistic and honest in demands from each other